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Serious Infrastructure Upgrade

Hopefully you did not notice that AuditConfirmations was down overnight Christmas Eve and a chunk of Christmas Day because you were off work spending time with the family. We took it down for maintenance and did a major overhaul of the infrastructure that supports the system.

To spare you the technical details, we increased the power of the hardware by about double. More importantly, we completely rebuilt the technology stack from the operating system up to a much more efficient and fast stack. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we heavily compressed the amount of data that comes down to the client (your computer) on every request.

The short version of all of this is you should immediately see an approximately 10X (yes, 10X) improvement in performance. Basically, AuditConfirmations just got a whole lot snappier. As with everything we do, we hope it makes doing your confirmations happier and more productive!