Supported Banks and Responders

Alternative procedure service supporting hundreds of banks, trusts, and credit unions. Standard confirmation service supporting any deposit, loan, or receivable account.

Alternative Procedure to Bank Confirmations

Our alternative procedure service connects you directly with the online banking systems of hundreds of banks, trusts, credit unions, and other financial institutions including virtually every major bank in the US. You simply setup the request, the client authenticates using their online banking user name and password, and all of the deposit and loan accounts found on the bank’s system are added to the request and the balance is pulled for each.

We cannot provide an entire listing of all banks supported, however if you would like to know about a particular bank, contact us and we will let you know.

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Standard Bank Confirmations

Standard bank confirms replicate the paper confirmation process in a secure, online environment and can be sent to a bank representative at any bank. All that is required is an email address for the person you would like to respond. Track status, follow-up, or reconfirm with one click.

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Standard A/R Confirmations

Our A/R confirmations replicate the paper confirmation process for receivables except in a secure, online environment with a complete audit log that captures all aspects of the confirmation activity. Like the standard bank confirms, all that is required is a responder email address. Choose between confirming a list of invoices or the overall receivable balance with a given customer.