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New Banks Supported

Along with opening up our electronic alternative procedure service to all of our customers, we are also excited to extend our support for fully alternative procedure requests to several additional financial institutions. Previously only available for accounts at two banks, we are now supporting alternative procedure requests for clients who use the online banking services [...]

Alternative Procedures to Bank Confirms Open to All Auditors

Our new alternative procedure service is now available to all auditors using We are very excited about this service and very excited to “graduate” it from our Beta Program so quickly. There are still a few minor issues we are working out with the upstream online banking services. Most importantly, we are still trying [...]

Alternative Procedures to Bank Confirmations

AuditConfirmations is extremely excited to announce that tonight we are releasing (as part of our new Beta Program) our newest service – alternative procedures to bank confirmations. The goal of this service is to directly integrate with bank systems to provide auditors a completely secure way to do an alternative procedure to confirmations, start to [...]