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Alternative Procedures to Bank Confirmations

AuditConfirmations is extremely excited to announce that tonight we are releasing (as part of our new Beta Program) our newest service – alternative procedures to bank confirmations. The goal of this service is to directly integrate with bank systems to provide auditors a completely secure way to do an alternative procedure to confirmations, start to [...]

ai???Betaai??? Status Services is starting a “Beta” program. What this essentially means is that auditors who want to have access to the latest features in AuditConfirmations can send us an email to get access to those before we release them into general availability. While many auditors may elect not to join the “Beta” program others will likely [...]

Good Newsai??i?? Accounts Receviable Confirms

Today we released something we had been working for awhile… support for accounts receivable confirmations. We think sending out receivable confirmations is a pretty painful process and that the AuditConfirmations system is well designed to handle this for auditors. You can confirm receivables either of two ways… 1) by confirming the entire receivable balance with [...]