This is a detailed screenshot tour of an electronic “alternative procedure” to bank edit my writing confirmations. If you are interested in learning more about our standard confirmation service, try the standard confirmation service tour.

Confirmation Dashboard

This is the home screen when the auditor logs in. From here the auditor can start a new confirmation or alternative procedure, manage open requests, review recent response activity, and get help.

Step 1: Auditor Dashboard

  1. Auditor Navigation Menu
  2. "What do you want to do?" Quick Start
  3. Recent Activity Log (what is going on with your requests)
  4. Quick Access to Help and Support
  5. McAfee Security Certification (tested daily)

Starting a New Request - Alternative Procedure Service

The auditor screen is where a new alternative procedure to a confirmation is created.

Step 2: Create Confirmation

  1. Entry of audit client contact information
  2. Selection of bank/financial institution
  3. Entry of as-of date (balance sheet date) information

Audit Client Notification

This email is immediately sent to the audit client once the request is created asking them to retrieve account information and authorize the request.

Step 3: Client Notification

  1. Secure, encrypted, one-time use link to the audit client section.

Audit Client Confirmation Screen

This screen is what your audit client will see. They login and all of their accounts will be pulled automatically. Once completed, they will electronically sign authorizing the alternative procedure request on the next screen.

Step 4: Client Information

  1. Auditor information which help me do my homework the audit client must review and confirm
  2. Audit client bank authentication box

Auditor's Manage Requests Screen

Once the client has completed their portion of the alternative procedure request, the auditor will be notified via email. When the auditor visits this screen, they are able to see the updated status, as well as the status on all of their other requests.

Step 5: Manage Confirmations

  1. Outstanding request listing: track status, review details, and follow-up on outstanding requests
  2. Completed request listing: download/print the completed requests for the work papers
  3. Archived request listing: go to the listing of requests which you have archived previously, removing them from the manage confirmations screen

NOTE: If you send a request ahead of time (before the balance sheet date), it will be frozen at this step. The day following the balance sheet date the request will be processed and the auditor will be emailed to notify them of completion.

Auditor Review

Prior to completing the alternative procedure request and pulling the balance information, the auditor must review and approve it, thus verifying that the proper account information is included on the request is appropriate.

Step 6: Auditor Review

  1. Accounts found by the alternative procedure.
  2. Charge notification explaining to the auditor that your card will be charged once the request is sent to the responder.

Once the auditor clicks the Complete Confirmation button, the account balances will be added and the completed alternative procedure requests will be provided for download.